The saga continues. In a life-long music career, Mr. Curt has been focused on creating contemporary adult-acoustic-rock-pop [AARP - nyuck! nyuck!]. During the past decades, he has formed many groups that pulled together various talents and influences, performed many shows, and released a handful of excellent albums. Almost two years ago, his last venture, Fun Era Fifty, released their EP “Frozen in Time”, and from the remains of that band, he and his current colleague, Geoff Pango, set out on a determined course to write and produce distinctive new music filled with pop poise and pertinent lyricism. This is a compliant challenge that blends individual flair and sensibilities into a transfixing experience - a balanced collaboration that has continued to develop with their newest offering, “Cap It Off!”, a 4-song maxi-single filled with an unforced dynamic and compelling acoustic/rock tendencies. The vocals & instrumentation combine trusted teamwork with critical inspiration, guided by Geoff’s expertise as recording engineer, programmer, and producer, and aided by Mr. C.’s valuable service in the Boston music scene for almost fifty years. Consider these tracks as a tidbit for further musical experiences yet to come. Splendid listening is guaranteed for all.

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