1/10th scale, styrene
Polar Lights re-issue of an Aurora model

I had a real love-hate relationship with this model when I was a kid. It could NEVER be glued together properly - it was always falling apart. And I always painted it all black, so you couldn't see any of the details. I'm glad that PL got the chance to reissue it so that I could make my peace with it......

Famous Monsters Of Filmland Magazine had something to do with this model, but I'm not sure what. Perhaps they just lent their name to it to sell some more.

I made the spider a Tarantula (YECCHH!!) and I tried to make the clothes look a bit mildewed on the frayed edges like on the box art (EEEEEWWWWW!!!)

I added some Halloween cobwebs for realism, but I think the guy who did the more colorful model on the Polar Lights website did a better job with them.

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