Styrene, 1/12 scale, Atlantis repop of the old Aurora model.


Man, I loved this model when I was a kid! I must've made a mess of it, though.


The horse and the base are also used in "The Lone Ranger" model and the "White Stallion" model.
Aurora certainly got its money's worth from this scuplt!


It was very tough painting all that black well. I ended up using a satin finish on Zorro's shirt, mask, hat, and cape
(as they were in Douglas Fairbank's silent "The Mark of Zorro" that I watched as a reference)
as well as the leather parts of the saddle and straps. The boots were done with gloss, as were
the eyes and mouths of Zorro and his horse.

I also dusted up the horse's hooves and lower shins to give it some depth and realism.




I used cartoony colors on this base because of the blackness of the model.
When I painted this base on the Lone Ranger model, I used dusty colors.



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