1/6th scale, Mummy and base produced by XO-Facto and sculpted by Jeff Yagher
George Zucco produced by Shadow Castings and sculpted by Terry Reynolds
Nameplate by Fritz, The Headless Hearseman

This is a kitbash of two models. I did the George Zucco model years ago but never had a base for him, and then I acquired the Tom Tyler mummy.
The two seemed to fit together on the base well!


I love the dead black eyes of the Tyler mummy.
They did that in post-production for "The Mummy's Hand" (1940), the first sequel to the original "The Mummy" film with Boris Karloff from 1932.
I re-watched the film before tackling this, and I realized that this model looks a lot better than the mummy in the film.
In the film, his bandages look like a cheaply-made rubber suit. You can almost see the zippers!


The base comes with this really nice statue, but you can't see it in the original XO-Facto photo of the built-up kit - you wouldn't even know it was there.


I found this nameplate in my whatnot drawer. I'm pretty sure it came from Fritz, The Headless Hearseman, awhile ago.

The Tom Tyler Mummy from the forties, before Lon Chaney Jr. took over the role.
1/6th scale, vinyl, Horizon




Older photos from the old Model Museum

This model was part of my diorama,
"Indiana Jones and The Curse Of The Mummy's Tomb".

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