1/6th scale, produced by Rebel Resin, sculpted by Jeff Yagher
Scratch-built nameplate

A wonderful, wonderful sculpt. My only complaint was that the pegs in the bottom of the feet had nothing to do with the holes in the base.
I eventually cut off the pegs and tried to find a spot where this unwieldy figure could stand balanced on its own.

I decided to go with a gray Mummy instead of the brown Mummies I've been doing because the Lon Chaney Jr. Mummy always seemed gray to me.
At any rate, that's how James Bama painted him on the cover of the Aurora Mummy model box from the sixties, and since then it's been stuck that way.

I love the old rails - in the film, this is part of a huge quarry ramp.

Definitely the Chaney Mummy - a bit chunkier than what we're used to seeing!

I love the one-eyed Chaney! Grrrrrr!!!!

What's scarier than a Mummy in the moonlight? I had shut off the side lights and noticed how creepy the blue light looked by itself.

My scratch-built nameplate. It's balsafoam covered in resin. I don't know if I ever want to try and go through that again...

And of course, old faithful from Aurora. This model is great for drybrushing.

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