1/4th scale / sculpted by Jeff Yagher / Produced by Kit Kong


I re-sculpted the eyeballs. They were directed up to the heavens, which seemed weird because he's reading the scroll in front of him.
It was really hard to get them to look right for some reason - then I realized you never really see Karloff's eyes wide open during the fleeting seconds he actually appears as a Mummy in the movie.

The oil lamp is painted bronze, then I filled it with acrylic gloss coat. It took about a day to dry clear.

"The Scroll of Thoth, with which Isis raised Osiris from the dead......"

I actually used the scroll from XO-Facto's "Ardeth Bey" model (see below).
When I bought "Ardeth Bey", I immediately scanned the scroll because I'm the type who would ruin it trying to cut it up and I'd like to be able to reprint it if needed.
So I printed out the picture and it worked perfectly for this kit!



Janus Deluxe Mummy
1/6 scale / sculpted by Jeff Yagher / Janus Co.



The base looks great, but unfortunately you can't see much of it when the model is assembled.

The back of the base looks beautiful!

This is what the sarcophagus looked like before I dirtied it up (it needs to look like it's been buried for 3700 years).
Painting this took forever.....

This model actually came from the sculptor's collection; he autographed it for me before shipping it.
Jeff Yagher has sculpted many of the models you see on my site. I picked this up from him (unknown) on eBay. Imagine how I felt when I discovered the identity of the seller!
It's kind of like finding a mint mono LP of Sgt. Pepper's for a great price, and then finding out it's Paul McCartney's personal copy, and he autographed it!


Here's a shot of the very similar Moebius Model next to the Janus version, just so you can appreciate the size difference.

Ardeth Bey
1/6 scale, resin / sculpted by Jeff Yagher / XOFacto

Love those eyes! This guy creeps me out, especially when he makes his entrance at the door of Sir Joseph Wimple
and those eyes just GLOW. I put two little dots of white on them to match the effect.



I love this base. It doesn't look like much when you open up the box, but once you start painting it, it pops out at you.
I wasn't even aware there was a scroll involved until I took out all of the styrofoam peanuts!

"The Scroll of Thoth, which Isis used to raise Orisis from the dead!"
I don't know where XOFacto got it, but this is an exact copy of the one used in the black and white film.


1/8th scale, vinyl, Geometric
Sculpted by William Paquet
with Geometric's resin base

Is there anything scarier than a Mummy in the moonlight?


I finally broke down and bought the Geometric base, and it's a beauty!
I don't know why I waited so long.

I love this guy! He looks like he'll fall apart if you touch him!

I used to have this great wall diorama I built.
Unfortunately, that's when the kids began running around the house,
and I hadn't yet realized I needed to secure my models or they'd get broken.

1/8th scale, styrene, Moebius
Nameplate by The Headless Hearseman

This thing is a monster, and a worthy substitute for the long out-of-print Janus 1/6 scale deluxe resin sculpt.


I spray-painted the sarcophagus with gold enamel. It was really beautiful.
Then I painted it meticulously with transparent blues, reds, and greens.
Trouble was, the whole model looked too "new", not ancient.

After re-watching "The Mummy" (1932), I realized that this should all be dirty and dark.
So I did a black wash over the entire model and rubbed it off. Perfect! (Big leap of faith, though.)


Even the back of this thing is gorgeous!




I did the snake in browns insteads of greens and glossed it to make it look slimy.

And what a beautiful nameplate!


Im-Ho-Tep (Ardeth Bey)
1/6 scale, resin, Resin From The Grave

I've always loved Karloff in this role. This model's casting was too rough, though, so I sold it.



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